Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vegans Beware!

Since I had Monday off for MLK Day, I visited my sister (who attends school in Peoria) on Sunday-Monday. I got to experience her janky apartment for the first time and reminisce about my janky college apartments.

We went to One World Cafe on Sunday for dinner. We had hummus for an appetizer. The hummus was good but whoever poured the oil on top had quite the heavy hand.

For my entree I had the falafel pita and vegetarian fries. The falafel itself was very good though eating it was a bit difficult. The fries weren't anything special.

A personal pet peeve is that they offer soy cheese for their pizza, but it contains casein. What is the point of a soy cheese if it still has milk in it!!?

On Monday we saw Leap Year, which was a total piece of shit. We also went to a small natural foods store and Mediterranean store and I picked up a few goodies. This picture was at a butcher store near the natural foods store.

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